Dare 2 Believe

 Dare 2 Believe

where the Highmage’s plight becomes your own! 

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Where tomorrow fans of the Highmage’s Plight Series Dare 2 Believe

or you can think of it as Where Fandom becomes Elfdom.

Imagine an evolving Epic Fantasy with a Sci-fi twist that changes in the digital age of publishing.

Imagine fans interacting with the author as the spirit behind their favorite character.

What could possibly go wrong?

If you like urban fantasy with a Young Adult twist, works of fantasy with a satiric edge like Gulliver’s Travels, and wouldn’t mind a bit of science fiction mixed in for good measure, then Dare 2 Believe is for you.

A Planet Where Elvin Magery Rules

In a distant time and place, a human colony ship is forced to land on a life bearing planet, unaware that it is inhabited by elves. When the colonists begin clearing land the elves are not pleased… A war ensues, one that changes the laws of science in subtle ways… while laying a vast stretch of land uninhabitable…

This is the story of the fans finding that some stories do more than sweep you up…

Hey, don’t tell them that.

What, I should apologize if they’re now a troll?

That’s not what I meant… Oops, I think someone’s peaking…

In that case, Dare 2 Believe! It’s all the warning I–

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