Rules for Participating

Here are the simple rules for participating in Highmage’s Plight

All Rights Reserved.

The stories of Highmage’s Plight serve as the basis for this website. They have never been published by the author and are under copyright.

Must be thirteen years of age or older to participate on, where the interactive serial Highmage’s Plight resides and follow’s rules (remember basic membership is free).

Here are my simple rules:1. You can’t use my characters or the stories without my approval in writing, in advance.

2. You can’t re-print Highmage’s Plight. You can read it, interact with the story, add to the story with me, but not give copies away, etc. If you want to publish it, email me for rights, and we’ll discuss it. (This is my work, my rules.)

3. This isn’t in the public domain. (This is my work, my rules.)

4. will be restricted to members only once the site “Officially Debuts.”

5. (even has the right to end your access due to inappropriate language and behavior. In other words, be respectful to members of the group, the Website staff, and the characters in Highmage’s Plight or the characters from my other works, who can have real feelings since exclusive character members will serve as their guiding “spirits.”


D.H. Aire

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