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With an Exclusive Character Membership you can register for your own character and advise on their dialog and role through the online novel series Highmage’s Plight from DHR2Believe. Whether you want to be Casber, a young boy of the Winome Clan of the Barrier Mountains, who no one’s laughing at anymore, or beautiful Carwina, elvin daughter of Highmage Alrex in the Imperial Capital, this interaction science fiction epic has a growing cast of characters to choose from.

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Introductory Prices


With the purchase of the forthcoming novel, Highmage’s Plight, 100 readers can participate in this behind-the-scenes evolving series, made possible through the online resources of, where entry level membership is free, giving you the ability to read, review, rate, and suggest edits of the story online, being serialized for a period of three years, possibly longer.

Exclusive Character Annual Membership –  NOT YET AVAILABLE
For only $25.00 (US) per year, you can buy the right to be an exclusive character in the story. With this annual membership, you can tell the author, D.H. Aire, if he is doing the right thing with your character. You can suggest changes in dialog based on what you feel as the spirit behind the character they should say, if different from the text, expressing their feelings, taking actions that the author likely never considered, which with permission of the author, D.H. Aire will incorporate in the online version. An Exclusive Character Membership offers unique interaction with the story and its author in a way reading a book does not.

Author Level Annual Membership – NOT YET AVAILABLE
For $50.00 (US) per year, choose the highest level of annual membership, where you have earned the right to create your own character in the series, asking the author to write them into the story, into new chapters in the five novels and beyond that currently make up Highmage’s Plight. This is fantastic for those who want more control over their own character, with permission of the author.

Multi-year memberships are also available, which will lock in your pricing – should we decide to increase rates based on demand and increasing expenses.

JOIN AS A FOUNDING MEMBER AND GET IN ON THE GROUND FLOOR of and be one of the first to experience this experiment in writing. Consider becoming one of the first to get a chance to register an exclusive character before the official debut.

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