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Highmage’s Plight, the opening book of the series is available on Amazon in paperback and for Kindle, Nooks, and in other epub formats. Check out the publisher’s website for further information.

Merchants and Mages, Book 2 of Highmage’s Plight epub available now for 99 cents (USD).

Human Mage, Book 3 of the Highmage’s Plight series available on Amazon in paperback and for Kindle, Nooks, and in other epub formats. 

Highmage, Book 4 of Highmage’s Plight now available on Kindle! 

Coming Soon: Well Armed Brides, Book 5 of Highmage’s Plight.


Evolving Science Fiction/Fantasy Story

Would you like a sneak peak at the next book in the series? Check out the Promotional Offer to buyers of Highmage’s Plight (Chimera Tales, an imprint of Malachite Quills Publishing) available for Kindle and Nook, and in print or in Human Mage (Spectacular Publishing) available for Kindle and in print on Amazon.

Also the opening tales are available in the anthology Flights of Fantasy, Volume 1, Print-on-Demand edition (Spectacular Publishing)!

Merchants and Mages, Human Mage, and Highmage - check the Highmage’s Blog for details.

To learn about the Promotional Offer to buyers check out the “Getting Started” webpage for details!

Have you seen me at a science fiction convention recently? I’m the guy in the Highmage’s Plight t-shirts, which I get through ooshirts. Yes, I’m a walking billboard, but it’s better than walking around in a sandwich outfit, which will get a guy eaten alive at sci-fi con… I really felt bad for that poor sod in the hamburger suit in the con suite. At least, I think it was a hamburger…

Read Highmage’s Plight, an evolving science fiction/fantasy story project seeking to involve readers in new ways in the digital age. You can enjoy reading the book online or additionally participate by imbuing a character with your spirit. Highmage’s Plight is written and created by D.H. Aire.

If you like epic tales of fantasy with a science fiction edge, then Highmage’s Plight is the science fiction/fantasy story for you. There are interactive stories, but nothing like Highmage’s Plight, an evolving or perhaps it might be called an “intra-active” story, since I’m seeking to engage readers in the creative side of the story. No one else is doing an experiment like DHR2Believe.net, serializing five never before published novels, opening them for input into taking a character in a new direction, making their character evolve and become real, because the character’s exclusive member wants to help these stories evolve –and save the world. Read more…

A Planet Where Elvin Magery Rules

In a distant time and place, a human colony ship is forced to land on a life bearing planet, unaware that it is inhabited by elves. When the colonists begin clearing land and enter elvin lands, a war ensues, one that changes the laws of science in subtle ways… while laying a vast stretch of land uninhabitable…

This science fiction/fantasy chronicle takes books where they’ve never gone before, allowing the story beginning, middle, and the yet to be written ending to evolve over time. You can join the cast of characters in this science fiction/fantasy story, which is being serialized, one chapter at a time, bringing out one new installment every week.

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The stories in Volume I of the Highmage’s Plight, include:
  • Highmage’s Plight
  • Shepherd of Winome
  • Caravan Road
  • Dining with Trolls
  • Witch and Were
  • Bandits on the Road
  • Aslumber in Trelor
  • At Wits End in Niota
  • Elemental (from Merchants & Mages, Vol. II)
Merchants & Mages – available on Amazon, Nook, Kobo, Scribd, and in the iStore.
  • Niota Reprised
  • Elemental
  • Rotten Smell in Town
  • The Scrying
  • Tapestry


  • Legend of the Black Sword
  • Merchants
  • Stealing Charms and Dreams
  • Sword and Conscience
  • Rivals
  • To Scry Another Day
  • Nagging Vision, Nagging Doubt
  • Tale of Two Scryers
  • Business is Business
  • and more!


Human Mage (available on Amazon):
  • Failing Apprentice
  • Games Played
  • Making Restitution
  • Family Life


  • A Prophecy Remembered
  • Posting Apprentices
  • Petitioner’s Challenge
  • Apprenticed
  • Human Lore
  • The Ball
  • Investigating Mage
  • Mage on the Case



Highmage (excerpt serialized in Separate Worlds), available on Amazon.
  • Urchins & Mages
  • Urchins on the Run
  • Artfully Dodging
  • Conclave


  • The Vote
  • Repercusions
  • Highmage-in-Waiting
  • Changes in the Offing
  • Bard’s Song
  • Blinding the Scryers
  • and more…

To be followed by the novels:  Well-Armed Brides, Paradox and Prophecy… and more


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